A Book Writer’s Guide

A Book Writer’s Guide

by Kenneth Leon Roberts

  Chapter 1 Book Commitment  

Anything in life takes a commitment.

Anything in life takes a commitment if you want to do it well. A musician who wants to be world-famous must learn the language of music, and the discipline of an instrument used to play the language. A dancer must develop musical timing, rhythm, and muscle control to be able to compete worldwide. A lawyer or doctor must spend years learning the practice of law or the practice of medicine. Nothing professional happens without putting in the work. Writing is the same. If you want to write books professionally, then you need to know the basics of book writing and put in the hard work. That takes commitment. Whether you choose one day or five years to write a book, there is a process that authors go through. This book will help you in learning and using the process. If you complete the call to action sections of this book in the 6 part process, you will have the understanding and material to finish your book. The 6 part process you need to complete is:

1- Book commitment

2- Book Preplanning

3- Book Writing

4- Book Editing

5- Book Publishing

6- Book Marketing

Commit by setting aside time to write.

If you do not prioritize your time, writing will not happen consistently and efficiently. Setting a specific time during your week will increase productivity.

Commit by establishing a place to write.

If you do not have a place pre-assigned to write where you are free from distractions and where you have all your writing tools in place, you will be less efficient. Planning a specific location will increase productivity.

Commit by establishing goals.

If you do not have goals to govern your writing process, you will be less efficient. Establishing goals that are specific to the task at hand, measurable, relevant, meaningful, and accountable will increase productivity.

Call to Action   Write down the time you will write during the week.   Write down the place where you will write.   Write down your goals.

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