A Note about Marketing your Book

A note about marketing your book.

There are a few things to remember when marketing your book.

  1. You must write an exceptional book. If you feel your book is inferior, you will not be able to market it effectively. Great sales always start with a great product. Write something you can believe in when you sell it.
  2. Change people’s perception of your work. People are usually curious but cautious. When you do your marketing, make sure you address the perception you want people to conceive about your work. Remember – In marketing perception is everything!
  3. Don’t just tell people how great your work is that you have written. Show how it can help them. People really don’t care how great you are unless you can help them.
  4. Show value in your work. There needs to be value in the person taking the time to read your work. If you don’t communicate value to the person, they probably will have better things to do.
  5. Give them something to remember about your work. If they don’t remember the marketing, they will find other things to do.

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