A Personal View by an Artist.

Cherry Blossom and Teddy illustration by Kenneth Leon Roberts

A Personal View by an Artist.

Art appreciation is a term that requires knowing the different attributes of various art processes, qualities, time periods, styles and art techniques. It is an ability to appreciate the nuances of various art pieces.

As an artist, I view art appreciation in a little different light. I view it as a personal fondness of certain characteristics that appeal to me or my audience.

One art piece can be marvelous to one person and loathed by another. All as a matter of personal preference. To appreciate it without liking it requires a informed appreciation of the process.  A true sense of art appreciation.

Most art lovers, I feel do not go that far. They have their likes and dislikes based solely on emotion and feelings. For that reason, art appreciation in a broader sense is just personal preference.

As an artist, I always hope that someone will appreciate my work just because it speaks to them. The truest meaning of art appreciation.

Kenneth Leon Roberts – Artist

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