Excerpt from The Olde Peddler Book Sellers Interview with Author Kenneth Leon Roberts.

Excerpt from The Olde Peddler Book Sellers Interview with Author Kenneth Leon Roberts.

TOPBS – What has influenced you most as a writer?

KLR – My book The Gift from The Pixie Tales series. It is a story of choices and how they impact our lives. It shows how little choices ripple through our lives and changes them in significant ways for good and evil.

TOPBS – How does your book show this principle?

KLR – It follows the life of a pixie and her friends. They go from childhood to adulthood on their quest for what is important in their lives.

TOPBS – What is important in their lives?

KLR– That is different for each pixie. It is the answer to that question that makes up each quest.

TOPBS – Why is it important to read the book?

KLR – It brings insight and meaning to what is important in our personal lives. It is a fun way to discover this understanding.

TOPBS – What is important to you as a writer?

KLR – Sharing values and fun through my writing.

Kenneth Leon Roberts

A Book Writer’s Guide

A Book Writer’s Guide

by Kenneth Leon Roberts

  Chapter 1 Book Commitment  

Anything in life takes a commitment.

Anything in life takes a commitment if you want to do it well. A musician who wants to be world-famous must learn the language of music, and the discipline of an instrument used to play the language. A dancer must develop musical timing, rhythm, and muscle control to be able to compete worldwide. A lawyer or doctor must spend years learning the practice of law or the practice of medicine. Nothing professional happens without putting in the work. Writing is the same. If you want to write books professionally, then you need to know the basics of book writing and put in the hard work. That takes commitment. Whether you choose one day or five years to write a book, there is a process that authors go through. This book will help you in learning and using the process. If you complete the call to action sections of this book in the 6 part process, you will have the understanding and material to finish your book. The 6 part process you need to complete is:

1- Book commitment

2- Book Preplanning

3- Book Writing

4- Book Editing

5- Book Publishing

6- Book Marketing

Commit by setting aside time to write.

If you do not prioritize your time, writing will not happen consistently and efficiently. Setting a specific time during your week will increase productivity.

Commit by establishing a place to write.

If you do not have a place pre-assigned to write where you are free from distractions and where you have all your writing tools in place, you will be less efficient. Planning a specific location will increase productivity.

Commit by establishing goals.

If you do not have goals to govern your writing process, you will be less efficient. Establishing goals that are specific to the task at hand, measurable, relevant, meaningful, and accountable will increase productivity.

Call to Action   Write down the time you will write during the week.   Write down the place where you will write.   Write down your goals.

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A Lady at the Window

A Lady at the Window

by Kenneth Leon Roberts

Chapter 1

It is an interesting fact. I live in the windy city, but we have not had so much as a breeze in over two weeks. The nights are dry, humid, and hot, and the days are even warmer. I try my best to avoid the heat by ducking into every cold joint I can find on my way around the Waterfront.

Chicago is not always pretty, but it is my hometown. For nearly thirty-two years, I have been making my way in the alleys and bars of this beloved city. For thirty-two years, it has been my oasis in a storm. I am not much of a gambler, but I bet my life on these streets trying to make a living every day.

I dropped out of school early, and I cut my chances of a life of luxury to bits. Even though I spend most of the time down on my luck, I am doing well right now. 

I am working as a freelance reporter at the Chicago Bugle.

The Chicago Bugle is a local paper with circulation the size of a small resort. Not many people know about it, but it makes its living with the local community news. Mostly homemakers and local business people read it. Its real value is in the local gossip.

I, Nick Fontaine, am the lead reporter on the local police beat. Like my hopes of a decent life, my last name left me years ago. I am Nick, the reporter in the paper and on the police beat. I cover the remarkable stories of the day. That usually consists of a murder on the Waterfront two or three times a week, the busting of a gambling racket where they run the wire, and a mugging. If I show up for the facts, come up with an interesting angle, and I make sure the copy is in the office on time, the job is a piece of cake. It provides me the means I need.

I have been selling a murder series; the angle I have been pushing is that it is a women’s killing ring instead of a man’s.

It has been selling like cat snacks in a kitty litter. Circulation is up, and the papers are leaving the racks.

The Boss, who doubles as the editor is in heaven, and the promises of promotion secured—something for the hours I have spent in smelly jails, morgues, and back alleys.

I spend most of my time working but, in the evenings, I find I unwind with a few drinks. I keep to myself. I am not a family man because I haven’t found a dame that could live with the meager pickings of a freelance reporter. Something about stability and responsibility always finds its way in the picture of my relationships.

The dames I find always wants more than old Nick can supply. The drinking somehow numbs the pain, and the silence of a back bar always gives me a place to hide.

I am not looking for a change, but it is looking for me. It hasn’t been long since my life has taken a turn that has blindsided me. 

           Here is a story that hits me, a story that can change my life.


Ethical values too controversial to discuss.


1)         God

2)         The Government

3)         You the individual

All ethical values start from the foundation of who you want in charge of your life. All value decisions are deeply rooted in this question. It is not a right or wrong type of question. It is what determines your values. It is the ultimate reason for what you do.

If you want God in charge of your life, he is in charge. You do whatever he says.

If you want the government in charge, you are civil obedient and do whatever is lawful and socially accepted.

If you want to be in charge, you come first. Your wants, desires, and wishes are most important.

Honestly – where do your ethical values start from? God, the Government, or you.

It does not matter which one you choose.  What is important to you!

Horse and Cloud by Kenneth Leon Roberts

Horse and Clouds

The Story behind the Art

This illustration of ‘Horse and Clouds’ by Kenneth Leon Roberts is an illustration that depicts the  wonders and marvels of dreams.  In life, you can survive anything and you can do anything if you allow yourself to dream. It is in our dreams that we find the inspiration to excel and move beyond what is an ordinary life to something that is breath-taking. Expand your world and situation by following your dreams.

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SMART Goals for Writers

SMART GOALS for Writers

As an author, goal setting becomes very important. It is used in the writing process and well as the marketing phase afterwards. The whole process of selling books is a process of setting and meeting one goal after another. If you do not have goals, you will not do the hundreds of little things that an author needs to do to be successful. Setting goals right is important. Here is the simple, well known, and well used method that works. SMART goals. A smart goal is:

  1. Specific
  2. Measurable
  3. Achievable
  4. Relevant
  5. Time-bound

A SMART goal must have each of the above elements as well as when the tasks are to be performed; where, how and by whom.

If you set your goals, write them down, and achieve them, you will be successful as a writer.

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All Things Are Possible

All Things Are Possible by Kenneth Leon Roberts

All Things Are Possible

The Story behind the Art

This illustration ‘All Things Are Possible’ is a fantasy picture of hope. All things are possible to those that believe. In a world of endless possibilities, it is the belief that  ‘Life is your oyster’ that the illustrator Kenneth Leon Roberts lives by. If it can happen to anyone, it can happen to you. Reach for the moon and life will reward you.

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A Note about Marketing your Book

A note about marketing your book.

There are a few things to remember when marketing your book.

  1. You must write an exceptional book. If you feel your book is inferior, you will not be able to market it effectively. Great sales always start with a great product. Write something you can believe in when you sell it.
  2. Change people’s perception of your work. People are usually curious but cautious. When you do your marketing, make sure you address the perception you want people to conceive about your work. Remember – In marketing perception is everything!
  3. Don’t just tell people how great your work is that you have written. Show how it can help them. People really don’t care how great you are unless you can help them.
  4. Show value in your work. There needs to be value in the person taking the time to read your work. If you don’t communicate value to the person, they probably will have better things to do.
  5. Give them something to remember about your work. If they don’t remember the marketing, they will find other things to do.

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The Aspiring Writer

The Aspiring Writer

Writing is a discipline like any other art.  Great writers take time to develop their skills. There are a lot of skills that need developing. One of the greatest skills I believe a writer can develop is the skill of indifferent objectivity.

Most writers write from a place of knowing. They have their opinions and they use their writing to share them. Their writing is great for a book or two. Then it is rehash. They don’t objectively look at things outside their personal point of view.

An accomplished writer looks at things, opinions, and ideas as tools and not personal crusades. They explore the possibilities and limits of things other than just their personal beliefs. This brings a depth and an insight into their writing that new writers have not yet developed.

When I think of some of the greatest stories ever written, I am always reminded of two worlds or beliefs that collide. It is the conflict between the two that make the story great. Whether right or wrong, an accomplished writer can present both sides equally with a solid viewpoint for each. This balancing brings a depth and quality to the story.

I noticed the difference in this principle from my earlier writings to my later writings. Stories can only stand with the introduction of differing viewpoints. I look forward to my upcoming books because I feel they will have greater depth.

Remember, one of the greatest skills a writer can develop is the skill of indifferent objectivity.

Kenneth Leon Roberts

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Media Kits for Authors

Media Kits

Authors should have a media kit!

A Media Kit consists of:

  1. Professional business card.
  2. Professional head shot of author.  (High and Low Resolution)
  3. Professional photograph of book (High and Low Resolution)
  4. One-page promotional material of book.
  5. Biography of author.
  6. Business information sheet if books belong to business.
  7. Complete PDF of your book.
  8. Print copy of book.
  9. Press Release copy.
  10. Cover Letter.

Remember this is your time to show off brand!!!!

I hope you enjoyed Media Kits.

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