The Aspiring Writer

The Aspiring Writer

Writing is a discipline like any other art.  Great writers take time to develop their skills. There are a lot of skills that need developing. One of the greatest skills I believe a writer can develop is the skill of indifferent objectivity.

Most writers write from a place of knowing. They have their opinions and they use their writing to share them. Their writing is great for a book or two. Then it is rehash. They don’t objectively look at things outside their personal point of view.

An accomplished writer looks at things, opinions, and ideas as tools and not personal crusades. They explore the possibilities and limits of things other than just their personal beliefs. This brings a depth and an insight into their writing that new writers have not yet developed.

When I think of some of the greatest stories ever written, I am always reminded of two worlds or beliefs that collide. It is the conflict between the two that make the story great. Whether right or wrong, an accomplished writer can present both sides equally with a solid viewpoint for each. This balancing brings a depth and quality to the story.

I noticed the difference in this principle from my earlier writings to my later writings. Stories can only stand with the introduction of differing viewpoints. I look forward to my upcoming books because I feel they will have greater depth.

Remember, one of the greatest skills a writer can develop is the skill of indifferent objectivity.

Kenneth Leon Roberts

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