What does Author Success look like to me?

What does author success look like to me?

As an author of 2 novels and 15 children’s books, I am often asked the question – What does success as an author mean to you? It is certainly something I have thought long and hard about.

I do not believe that success means selling a million books or writing the next “Great American Novel.” Rather I feel success to me is in the process that took place in the writing. It was the overcoming of the personal challenges of writing. The putting of thoughts on a paper and trying to make them legible. The personal triumph of my 20th edit and the challenge of it still not being right. The realization that I had 100 revisions planned by the time the 3rd edition was printed. The constant striving to re-work the ideas.

My books are not anywhere near to being perfect or correct but they represent to me challenges overcome.

 I define my success but these events. I may never be successful in anyone else’s eyes, but in mine eyes I have found author’s success by doing the work.

Kenneth Leon Roberts – Author/Illustrator

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