What Role does Artists have in Society?

Tango by Kenneth Leon Roberts

What role does artists have in society?

As an artist, I was asked this question the other morning. What role does artists have in society? In pondering the answer to the question, I came back to my traditional viewpoint. Artist’s can make statements on society and how we live without stepping on people’s toes. If a person spouts out political or lifestyle viewpoints, they can cause a lot of animosity and controversial behavior. It can really be “in your face.”

An artist can portray ideas and viewpoints in a way that the observer stands back and looks at them and evaluates them in a safe environment. They can look at different sides of the issue, in different lights.

 That makes an artist role very significant in society. They can establish questions and answers to societal roles and issues.

As an artist, I always try to make my audience look at the world through the eyes of a child. I try to bring hope, peace, joy, and understanding back to our lives in the form of simple values. Values, whether time honored or progressive, brings stability and structure to a life. That makes people feel secure.

As an artist, I feel I have a significant role in society.

Kenneth Leon Roberts – Artist/Illustrator

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